lake“Are you looking for a ministry or a platform?”

I was listening to a Joyce Meyer podcast at work when I heard that, and the phrase just made me stop in my tracks.

What are you looking for?

Joyce went on to say that she knew she wanted to minister and inspire millions of people. She conducted Bible study at her house every Thursday night without pay; she quit her full time to prepare herself for God’s purpose for her.

It just made me think- the purpose you are trying to pursue: is it to help others are to boost yourself up? Are you just looking to be in a position where a lot of people are listening to you? When you get there..exactly what are you going to say?

I have to admit that I’ve put myself in positions where I was looking for a platform-not maliciously, but I would just think to myself that if I posted the right thing, if I made the right kind of video, if I could interview the RIGHT celebrity that would re-tweet the link to my blog.. Then I would attract an audience that would stick around to help me inspire them. Or even worse, I just wanted my name or my blog name to be familiar.

Have you ever interviewed someone, told a joke in bad taste, or posted a revealing picture or a million ‘selfies’ to receive a platform?

I think I’m going to take Joyce Meyer’s approach and write about how I’m feeling, what I believe in, and to put a smile on someone’s face. Make someone think.

Because honestly, once you get that interview with that celebrity that you ‘kinda’ like, but you know they have thousands of followers to RT your blog too.. yeah that post will have a lot of hits, but if you can’t make the readers connect with your work, they’ll disappear again.
I think this same concept can apply to any artist.
I’m going to apply this approach to my new blog- write with passion and purpose, and I’m certain that God will take care of the rest.


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