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I am challenging myself to be present in the moment.

I do alot of thinking ahead. Like ALOT. I’m always thinking ahead to what I need to do, what I should do for my future-so much so that my thoughts are never in the now.

I didn’t really come to the conclusion until I was pre-Black Friday shopping for a new DSLR camera for blogging and vlogging purposes (Exhibit A: pricing something I wouldn’t have bought later -_-)

This is when the idea came up from my boyfriend to take a spur of the moment beach trip- mind you, I’ve been trying to make my way down to the beach for at least 2 summers, but it was either the beach trip, or the camera.

Usually, I’m the responsible, less spontaneous one that would say I NEED the camera RIGHT now for my blog, and that missing the beach trip would pay off in the long run.


Now, I’m all for NOT making stupid decisions and paying for them later, especially more than once, but I wanted to  enjoy the fruits of my labor this weekend.

So, I chose the beach.

Furthermore, how can I expect for God to bless me more if I’m not appreciative or really relishing in what he has blessed me with IMG_2610already? I busted my tail all summer trying to find a full-time job and perfect what I thought was my next power move, the relaunch of The Reddlipstick Blog (we will get more into that later.), to spend my time at work counting the hours until it’s time to take a nap and daydream about when I will be able to work from home and blog and write books full time or realizing that I am unhappy with The Reddlipstick Blog (probably because I rushed the concept, but, again, we will talk about this later.)

I am pretty sure that I did not pray for this job to be half doing it, with my mind somewhere else the entire day. Because, in all actuality, it’s a great job. At least for right now.

I spent a lot of time with my head elsewhere: whether it’s the inability to keep my extensions in for longer than 2 months because I want to play in my real hair so bad, to wearing my real hair out for 2 weeks and fantasizing about a Dominican blowout, to getting a Dominican blowout to longingly waiting for extensions. I mean it’s just too much.

But back to the beach.

I honestly had a great time at the beach and I didn’t feel bad about it. It was also payday for me, payday from the job that I prayed and prayed for. Even if I do want to write books and blog at home full time with my family and travel, at this stage in my life I think I’m supposed to be there. I rush a lot of things.

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I wanted the camera so I can continue to take my blog to the next level, and I’m pretty sure once I finally do get the camera and take those crisp, high quality pictures and make those HD vlogs for Modern Day Colemans, I’m going to immediately think of something else that I can’t WAIT to change for my blog and vlog, and I don’t want that. Nope, I think I’m just going to enjoy both projects in the beautiful beginning stages that they are in.

I didn’t vlog at the beach. Because I wanted to ENJOY BEING AT THE BEACH. I didn’t want to stop every moment to

take out the camera and vlog for once. I did snap a few pictures though 🙂

I’m going to enjoy every moment, every season for what it is. Me buying a camera is not going to get me anywhere closer to being a full time blogger if it’s simply not time for me to

photo 2be a full time blogger yet. It’s the Holiday season anyway, If anything I need to be more concerned with giving to OTHERS, the highest calling.

So yes, I went to the beach this weekend. It was fun, it was candid, and the water was super cold; but ask me if  for one second of squishing my toes into the sand or running into the small waves with my boyfriend was I in any rush to stop getting my feet wet?