By: Jasmine Godfrey (@alaskan_flwr90)

Response to: I’m 22 and I hate the club.

jazzprofilepicAfter Europe, it’s not the same.

Never been the club type to start but when I did finally go to one, I did have a great time, but it really depends on the company and the type of club. Small groups of good friends will always be the best option because it gets to be too much when you have to keep looking for that one person that came with the large group (and you feel bad if you leave them there) finally find them, then someone else goes missing (talk about frustration).

My poor feet have gotten so dirty (because some people literally can’t hold their liquor) and been beaten up too many times because I had to wear heels (and got stepped on by many a drunk girl). I know I’ve seen enough of the human body to last me a lifetime (seriously, things that others consider ‘clothing’ when clearly the rest of the garment is missing… just why?) because people dance so much their clothes come off I guess? Somethings cannot be unseen (especially in the dark corners or under red lighting… ugh). After learning that in Europe they party til 7 am and you’re use to last call at 2, it becomes too much.

jasmine godfreyI will say I love small bars, jazz clubs or anything like a coffee house setting. It’s more intimate, I love the music, you don’t have to dance if you don’t want to and it doesn’t look weird. I went to this crazy five-story club (where each floor was a different genre of music, pretty amazing), a beach club (where a random Australian walks up to my friend and tries to make out with her… ew no and I got pick-pocketed [lucky for me, I don’t keep money in my wallet anyway and my cheap phone had no minutes]), and some other ones in Barcelona, and don’t get me wrong, had an awesome time, but the creep factor was ridiculous (not to mention the hardcore drugs, unsuspecting classmates getting roofied, and other crazy happenings that I seriously could write about for hours).

Something about clubs just brings out the shadiest and sketchiest people. I can remember saying “this is cool; I’m jazz was herehaving fun” to “whoa, happy hands and what are you doing?” to “can we just go home? this is too sketchy” too quickly and too often some nights.

Coming back home, the weirdness that I had experienced studying abroad just makes the clubs my friends like to go to here simply boring and repetitive. Give me a small kickback, concert, step show any day.