indiainihopTwentysomething want abs, right? But I’m a foodie. I’m from the south and I’m a girl who’s proud of her hips, haha.  I actually love my shape. BUT, I would like to get in shape (I run out of breath for EVERYTHING!), tone up a little bit (I’m addicted to crop tops so abs would be ideal, yes?) , and even eat a little healthier (I’ve been dodging the health food craze for a few years now, but I’m actually willing to give it a try.) but there’s one problem with this theory: I’m a foodie.

I’m the worst type of foodie because it’s hard for me to eat vegetables. It’s not that I dislike them, but I treat every vegetable like it’s parsley. Like decoration. To top it off, summertimeindiaI’m a junk food JUNKIE, so I’m constantly munching on a potato chip, some popcorn, soda, etc, etc. yeah, it’s all bad.

Before I’m put in a position to where I HAVE to start working out and start eating healthier, I want to take initiative. I think I’m going to trade in the Lays for some of those healthier snacks at Trader Joes, continue this little nighttime exercise routine that I’ve been doing, and hit the gym when I’m less out of shape (I run out of breath running up and down the stairs. I told you it’s bad.) More water, cut out the junk and fast food (gradually), more veggies, nighttime workout are all I have so far. I don’t want to get in over my head so I think this is a good place to start.

What advice do you have for a foodie that wants to get in shape?


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