Getting comfortable and watching the latest videos from my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube is one of my favorite pastimes. I like to grab a snack and watch vlogs and videos about natural hair, makeup, and clothes. Usually, the gurus I watch have the same or similar hair, makeup or style as me so I can maybe apply them to myself.

missglamorazzi2So, why do I watch Missglamorazzi?

I stumbled across her page while watching the Hello Style Beauty Smartie Showdown videos. I was only familiar with two or three of the gurus, and kind of rolled my eyes because, well, none of these girls looked like me.  How was I going to learn anything from these girls?

Ingrid stood out to me not only because she has a pretty smile (I notice nice smiles instantly!) but because she gave off this super sweet vibe in all of the episodes. One day, I decided to just check out her channel.

I liked her videos-they were bright and inviting and she is super friendly and polite in every single one. I didn’t think I would subscribe at first though- our skin, hair type and style are complete opposites of each other- I wasn’t going to learn anything from this guru!

Or so I thought.

After an intense ten minutes of browsing her channel I decided to subscribe, and missglamorazziI love her videos. I actually can’t learn anything from her hair or makeup tutorials, but in a world like YouTube where a lot of people tend to be so negative, it’s kind of refreshing, and cool to watch someone different than I am!

As I watched her beauty and vlog channel (which I subscribed to shortly after the beauty channel!) I had in my head that she was just a friendly girl with a cookie-cutter perfect life UNTIL I saw a Vlog video about her talking about the death of her dad, which definitely shut me up.

My reasoning for writing about Ingrid is to kind of solidify the fact that you DON’T have to have the same qualities as another person to enjoy their company, or in this case, their YouTube videos. You can learn from someone who looks different than you; judging the quality of someone’s work or character through the way that they look is never the way to go.

A lesson in the form of a YouTube channel, who knew? Thanks Ingrid. <3