martinWhy has it been over 20 years and I am STILL obsessed with Martin’s sitcom?!

Seriously. That show is unmatched. It is a classic.

I’m not alone in this one, I’m sure. Most of my family’s rhetoric and comedic gestures come from this show. We pretty much walk around and quote random Martin one-liners and will most likely pop in a Martin DVD instead of a movie on any given holiday. Yeah, it’s like that.martin_complete_first_season

For me, it’s not like a “Yeah, I’ve seen that show before, it’s pretty funny.” NO. It’s more like, you say any given line from the show and I ‘ll finish the rest of the scene, and crack up at everything I just said. This usually causes me to remember that I haven’t seen that particular episode in a long time,  and I’ll end up pulling up the episode and watching it comfortably in a corner somewhere, while cackling loudly.

The timelessness and relevance of the comedy in the show was enough to you STILL laughing at the episode as hard as you did the first time you’ve ever seen it.

The 1st episode aired in 1992, and with me being born in ’91, I literally grew up with this show.

I think what made this show what it was (especially in the earlier seasons) was that it was comedy that was innovative, but at the same time it didn’t try TOO hard. Obviously all of the big moments were hilarious, but anything just as simple as a side-eye at Cole at the right moment, playful banter between Martin and Pam, or how Tommy’s loud, obnoxious laugh was enough to have you in tears of your own laughter.

Don’t forget the numerous characters played by Martin: Sheneneh, Otis, Jerome, Roscoe, Mama Payne, etc.

I also love how defensive Martin or Gina got when an outsider said something rude about either of them!

I could go on and on about how much I love this show and why, but I decided to show you 2 of my favorite episodes (they’re both broken up into 3 parts) and you can see for yourself!

Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite Martin episode!