just friends 2I love a good real life love story and this one is just perfect! My dear friend Brianna Endrina and her fiancee’ John Loudermilk. Brianna and John are both 22-year-old actors that met in L.A. (they both graduated from The New York Film Academy in L.A.), who are engaged to be married in April (already pretty romantic, right?). John portrays the Blue Power Ranger in the show Power Rangers Super Mega Force which airs 10amEST on Saturday mornings. 🙂 Brianna is apart of a sketch comedy group called Sketch Time Strangers, who write and perform their own sketches live. She’s also working on a few other projects for 2014 that she can’t disclose yet 🙂 and planning their wedding, of course!

These pictures were taken by Brandon Elonzae for one of Brianna’s upcoming projects. Check out his website HERE.

I’ve always been so inspired by Brianna growing up and once I saw their new pictures I knew I had to blog about this. Below you’ll find more about how this beautiful couple met, their thoughts on young love, honeymoon stages, and remaining faithful as young actors:

“When You Know, You know.” 

For both of us it was always there, the “knowing” part. It was like “Hi person I’ve never met before, I’m pretty sure i’m in love with you”, It was a strange feeling at first, but never an uncomfortable one or something to run from. He was intriguing, in the most subtle ways to me. He still is. We’ve been together now for over two years. Neither one of us knows exact dates of anything really.

We met summer of 2011 and now, looking back on it, it’s a blur to us. It’s like we were meant to be at the place we are with each other, right now, and so our whole beginning, as a couple, is not something we’ve dwelled upon or have put a lot of thought into. That sounds weird I know; most couples know to a T the exact time they met and all of their “Firsts” with one another. To John and I, we knew that our future was what’s important and we knew we’d have a future, even if it had not been said yet. We know the best days and most memorable times between us have yet to come. That’s not saying that we don’t care about things that happen on a daily basis, because that would just be awful. We most definitely do! I think what i’m trying to say is that, we value the here and the now, we love hard every day, we make so many amazing memories on a daily basis that it’s hard to pick out just one that tops them all.

“But..y’all are so young!”

We’re young, both of us are 22. I’m a month older so he likes to joke and tell people he’s into older women. Our just friends1age was not a factor at all when it came to the seriousness of our relationship. When we announced that we are getting married our families and close friends weren’t shocked. I think they knew it was coming. When we are out and about or if the topic gets brought up around acquaintances, we do get the statement of, “but y’all are so young”. It’s true, we are, and many couples that have been married young face many obstacles because maybe they haven’t “experienced” life enough to know that he or she is “the one.  We get most of our criticism from people older than us, most of the time if they are single or have been in a similar situation. I believe that their comments come from their own fear and experiences and i can never get angry at them for that.

Staying faithful in the business:

John and I both know we have jumped on a bandwagon that, nowadays, is full of divorce or infidelity.  Though this stereotype does prove to be true in many cases, we choose to believe we will not falter to it. We get questioned on our morals and our views of “cheating”. For example, many people have asked us, “How would you handle watching your husband/wife be intimate with another woman/man on screen?” This usually makes us laugh because it’s definitely a topic we’ve discussed ourselves.  This usually makes us laugh because it’s definitely a topic we’ve discussed ourselves. Most of the time we are asked this question, it’s by someone who is not a part of the acting world. We both know that it’s not unlikely to see couples who’ve worked on a movie, together. Tabloids are inevitable and whether the content is true or not, society eats it up. People love gossip, and a good show. If you throw a little controversy in there and the world has a field day.

Overcoming the obstacles:

Our standpoint with this is, to each is their own. We are not oblivious to the obstacles that we may face nor do we ignore them purposely. We, as a young married couple, who share the same career choice, know what can come with the job and know that our personal and professional lives have to be separate. In any relationship you have to trust and you have to communicate, and with us, we just have to trust and communicate a little bit more. Marriage is a matrimony of love and it’s an unconditional commitment to the person you are marrying regardless of your occupation. We both understand what we are doing and we have no regrets.**

Brianna and John did a skit together for John’s production company, The Best Friend’s club which you can find here. Check out the skit they did below! I wish Brianna and John the absolute best in everything that they do! 😀 Young love is real, readers. I believe that if two people would like to pursue their careers and their marriage than it can be done.