I’m so introverted. I am going to do more posts on what it means to be an introvert soon, but I figured this would be a good starting point.

Just to be clear, an introvert does NOT necessarily mean that someone is shy. An introvert is someone who’s energy is drained by being around people for long periods of time. Not to say that the people are annoying or their presence makes them uncomfortable. It simply means that the more you are around a group of people, the more drained you feel. An introvert needs to be alone to feel recharged again. An introvert internalizes everything.

An extrovert is the opposite; an extrovert gets energy and thrives off of being around people. An extrovert externalizes everything.

The world is heavily focused on being extroverted; we love people who are talkative, outgoing, outspoken and irrevocably charming. If you aren’t these things you are deemed shy and forgettable, or sometimes even mean.

I love extroverts! I love to be around them and most of my friends are extroverted. But as hard as I’ve tried to be in the past, I’ve accepted that I’m not that.

What does this have to do with the pageant world?

photo (2)

(That’s me in the blue :))

I had my first pageant meeting last weekend! 🙂 I met the girls and they are all SO beautiful. I can tell that each girl is going to bring something beautifully unique to the table. A array of different skin complexions, different vibes, different hair textures.. I loved it. I’m super excited about this pageant.

Some of the girls were shy and some of the girls were more confident in speaking in front the group, which was all okay.

When we were introducing ourselves, we were asked to give our name and a little bit about ourselves. I’m a writer, so I had to this cute little paragraph in my head that would have been so creative and charming– on paper. When I opened my mouth to speak, it was okay BUT it was not at all what I pictured in my head.

I even forget to mention that “I love to write.”

But it’s okay. It was only the first day.

I almost got discouraged. I’ve never really been TO into pageants because they seem so extroverted to me, based on how you look, how you sound, and in some pageants you need an extroverted talent: singing, dancing, acting– not really painting, writing, or knitting.

BUT this pageant is different in so many aspects. I’ve excepted the fact that I’m an introvert BUT at the same time I’m not going to put myself in an Introvert Box. I’m not going to count myself out because of some characteristic.

Our Public Speaking coach said something that stuck with me this weekend: “Once you find your comfort zone, get out of it.”


OH, and I’m selling ads for the pageant! If you are interested in purchasing one PLEASE feel free to contact me 🙂

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