photo(1)Hello Readers! I’m coming to y’all today with a special announcement! *drumroll please*

I am doing a pageant! Even better, a Natural Hair pageant!

The ladies over at QuenchSC, a new natural hair boutique opening up soon in the Southeast, are hosting a pageant called Naturally Crowned Carolina.  My best friend bought the pageant to my attention (check out her blog, too!) and I read over the guidelines and everything , liked what I saw and sent in my application. And here I am!

I was skeptical about blogging about it at first, but I figured this would be a something cool to document through blogging (and even vlogging- don’t be surprised if a video gets added to this post!) and to hold myself accountable as far as toning up for the pageant. Yes, I still want to get abs!

I’ve done a couple of pageants before, one in high school and one in college. I’m super excited about this one because with it being NATURALLY crowned Carolina, it kind of sets a new standard for pageants. I love when natural hair is celebrated! I can’t wait to see all of the ladies rocking their fro’s so beautifully. Fros + Pageant gowns? Yes, please!

If you want to help out, I am selling ads for the pageant. So whether you have a business you want to promote, or maybe you just want to tell me congratulations 🙂 contact me and I’ll get you that info immediately!

I’ll keep y’all posted with everything as best as I can. Check out the other pageant contestants HERE.

Fun fact about my headshot: I hate it! lol. That’s my headshot from work; the night before I tried a new method with my flat twist-out. It didn’t dry in time so it didn’t lay right the next morning! But, nonetheless, I’m still super excited about this natural hair pageant 😀 (and since then I have perfected my flat twist-out! lol)

P.S. I haven’t officially blogged about this yet, BUT I am offering Social Media/Blogging Consulting services over on The ReddLipstick Blog (remember her?) My rates are unbelievably reasonable. Check em out and let me know what you think!