valentines dayyyyHappy Valentine’s Day everyone! Whoever you are spending it with, I hope your day is filled with love and happiness!

As some of you may know (especially if you follow me on any social network!) My boyfriend Rob and I have a YouTube channel called the ModernDayColemans. We’ve been vlogging our randomness and relationship advice for about 3 1/2 months now! We’re  young couple (we’re both 22) but we try to give advice about the things we actually do know about haha.

(If you want a more detailed post about Rob and I, just let me know!)

We talk about different things and act silly, loud and have fun. Since it’s Valentine’s Day weekend I thought I’d share some of the videos we have that are “romance related”.

Our Couples 1-2-3 Tag (Which, was kind of a fail LOL )

10 Creative and Inexpensive Date Ideas!

We also have a little something for the long distance couples 🙂 

Another Date idea: For Rob’s birthday, I took him to see his favorite team the NY Knicks!

For my birthday, he took me out for a day and threw me a surprise dinner!

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What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Comment below!