There is no right or wrong way to have natural hair. Natural hair, to me, means hair that isn’t chemically straightened. That’s it. Of course, there are some natural hair “don’ts”, out there, and I’m pretty sure I’ve broken every one of them. For Example:

I colored my hair: Twice, using Shea Moisture’s Natural Hair Color System, so it made it a little more okay in my head. I first colored it Bright Auburn (The DAY before I had my 2nd job interview, so I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a good idea) and then Jet Black when I got tired of it. Chemicals, yes, but It didn’t PERMANENTLY STRAIGHTEN my hair so it was fine to me. That system was great by the way, it left my hair super moisturized and didn’t alter my curl pattern at all.

I don’t use ALL natural products: As much as I would love to say that I only use raw shea butter and virgin coconut oil on my hair, that’s not the case. Some of the best products I use on my hair list ‘Cetryl Alcohol’ as the first ingredient. The only ingredient I try to avoid is mineral oil, and I feel like I have at least one hair product that includes it. I honestly tried to follow the “all organic ingredients” rule when I first went natural, but it became too much (no cones, no parabens, no sulfates, no dye, no blah blah blah) I couldn’t pay more attention to the ingredients that I put in my hair than the ingredients in my food. I mean, I couldn’t go around saying I don’t use hair products that include sulfates but still eat foods that include high levels of sodium and all that, you know? Idk, it makes sense in my head.

I’ve straightened my hair: I’ve gotten blowout and put a flat iron to my natural hair more than a few times. I usually do when I need my ends trimmed and sometimes I just feel like wearing straight hair. Contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t mean I love my natural curls ANY less. Natural hair is all about versatility!

I’ve worn extensions: I like to think of a good sew-in as protective styling. Honestly, my hair grows SO well when I have a sew-in.  Natural hair requires so much upkeep. With a sew in, it’s just braided down and you aren’t manipulating it at all. And sometimes, you just want to switch up your look. When I transitioned, I worn sew-ins for most of that year before I big chopped.

I’m not saying that these are bad rules to follow, I just don’t take them as seriously as I once did! The beauty of natural hair is that you are free to do WHATEVER you want to it. Have you broken any of the “Rules”? Let me know!