So, you took the advice I had for you in this post  on securing a job after graduation and now you’ve secured the interview, yay! Now, let’s nail the interview with these tips:

Dress to Impress: Far to often do I see twentysomethings go into a job interview with an untucked shirt, a skirt too short/tight, or wrinkles (and I’m an advocate for not ironing clothes, so this is serious coming from me, lol!). You should dress in a way that will make you stand out –in a good way. A nice suit, a business like, knee length dress/skirt or slacks with a blazer would be appropriate for a job interview. Apparently, us twentysomethings already give off the “entitled, could careless” vibe, so the best way to prove them wrong is to DRESS the part! You are SERIOUS about getting this job.

Firm Handshake: When meeting your interviewer for the first time, give them a FIRM handshake (not too firm, don’t break their hand!) this shows confidence.

Phone Etiquette: Try not to scroll through your Twitter or Instagram feeds during the interview. This sounds like a no-brainer, but since we do it so often, we kind of scroll through our phone subconsciously sometimes. The best thing to do in a job interview is to turn your phone OFF, and put it in your pocket or purse.

-Phone Interviews: DON’T be that person that texts in the middle of a phone interview! Find the quietest room in your house (this was super hard for me) and let your roommates know that you’ll be doing an interview around that time. How embarrassing would it be to have someone yell random, inappropriate outbursts in the middle of your job interview.

Research the company: I’ve worked at a few places where the person sent an application/resume to the ATTN of a person who no longer works there! Do you research and make sure you are addressing your packages to the right person. Also, the background of the company you are trying to work for may or may not come up in conversation. Do yourself a favor and do your research, so you can keep up with the conversation.

Eye Contact: Eye Contact with the interviewer shows confidence. Even if you don’t mean for this to happen, shifty eyes make you seem untrustworthy. Sit up straight, and look your employer in the eye. Let them know you mean business!

Show Personality: You secured a job interview so it’s obvious you’re qualified on paper. So are the other potential candidates. Now, let’s see how well you may mesh well with the other employees. Are you friendly, and easy to get along with? It’s okay to let your personality shine through during an interview. I know for us introverts this can be kind of tough (How can you grasp my personality in 20 minutes?).  Hang in there! Try to get a feel for the interviewer and make occasional lighthearted remarks.

Send a Follow-Up Email:(Unless the interviewer requested that you don’t.) A Follow-Up Email is a nice gesture that shows you are serious about getting this job. Something along the lines of “I enjoyed interviewing with you, etc. etc.” add your own flair!

I hope this helps! Good luck nailing that interview, you’ve got it in the bag! Let me know if I’ve missed any key points, or if you have any more questions about job interviews.