OMG! The FIRST Naturally Crowned Carolina Pageant EVER happened last night, and I was apart of it. And I got 2ND RUNNER UP! Yay!



I’m so blessed and thankful to have been apart of this pageant. A special thanks to my bestie KaShawn Archer, for suggesting that I do this pageant in the first place! It was something that I definitely counted myself out of  at first but I stepped out of my comfort zone and went with it (stepping out of my comfort zone seems to be my mantra for 2014, yes?).


The Bestie, KaShawn!

There were some moments that I had to pray HARD about this pageant because I just didn’t think I could do it. I’m not a “model”, I’m not 100% comfortable in walking in heels and I’m not extroverted, BUT I decided that I wasn’t going to count MYSELF out of anything because of what I felt like I could or couldn’t do. I wanted to stretch my comfort zone as far as it would go and I knew that God would equip me to do this!


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I also wanted to do this pageant because it’s BIGGER than natural hair. It’s about excepting yourself for who you are not feeling like you HAVE to change to get a job, be accepted, look “professional” or anything else. Natural, afro-textured hair is something a lot of  us were born with and it makes us unique.

Let me tell you, I was ALL nerves on Saturday morning lol! I tried to blog but it got SO hectic backstage once it was showtime that I didn’t have ANY time lol. But I do have ALOT of pictures and small videos of myself and all of the contestants backstage!

photo 5.PNG


My mommy and I after she finished my makeup! (minus the lipstick)


The one thing I noticed about this pageant that was different than anything else I’ve been involved in similar to this was the camaraderie and the HUGE sense of sisterhood. There was no cattiness, no attitude backstage. It was all love! We all helped each other and were all genuinely happy and for each other.

photo 4


photo 1

photo 1-2



When I won 2nd Runner Up,  I felt so accomplished! I didn’t win the whole thing, but it was a big win for me. There was one day when I just felt like quitting because i didn’t feel capable, and I came out with a prize!

photo 1-5

I was also EXTREMELY happy for Iman Edgers for winning 1st Runner Up, and Channelle Johnson, who received the title of Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina! I was so happy that Chanelle won that I started crying, lol! She deserves it and I truly feel like her photography business will go far. She will represent the city very well!

photo 1-4


A huge thanks to my support system 🙂 GOD, for equipping me with what I need to place in this pageant, my mother for helping me backstage and doing my makeup (who knew that she was so good at this!?!?) my bestie KaShawn for persuading me to do the pageant in the first place, and my boyfriend Rob, for listen to me talk about the pageant for hours, showing up looking dapper and sponsoring my evening gown 🙂

photo 1.PNG

Kudos to all of the pageant women out there. Although I met some AMAZING women and formed great relationships.. this pageant was EXTREMELY stressful!!! I don’t see how some people do this every year!! LOL.