Last Wednesday, I met two of my favorite bloggers, Lara Casey and Erin Caroll from BlueEyedBride.


I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon Lara Casey’s website; all I know is, once I found it she became an instant role model for me! Working from home creating her own magazine, blogging, consulting AND writing books while being a happy wife with a daughter, all while serving the Lord Jesus Christ?! My dreams, personified.

Erin Caroll is from the same hometown as me, and I didn’t even realized that until after I stumbled upon her blog and marveled at how warm and positive it made me feel. I skimmed more than a few blog posts before I realized we were probably minutes away from each other!

You may have seen me mention wanting to go to the MakingThingsHappen conference in October (a few days AFTER my birthday) but, I just don’t think I will be able to afford it 🙁 I was a little down, because I really wanted to hear Lara Casey speak in person since her posts are always so inspiring. So, I prayed about it.

One day upon logging on Twitter I realized that Lara was speaking IN my hometown at no cost. I couldn’t believe it! I signed up as fast as I could. What are the odds?!

Fast forward to last Wednesday. I arrived at Stone River by myself. (You’ll find out later why I’m glad I did!) at first, a little nervous of course. Remember, I’m introverted. Soon enough, I opened up and found a few people who offered great conversation.

So then, I met Lara Casey and of course she was just as sweet as I thought she would be. We took pictures and I found myself asking if we could take a selfie!

(To me, regular pictures are like handshakes and selfies are like hugs. I prefer hugs.)

I later met Erin, who is seriously cute as a button. Those dimples!

After more great conversation and great food, it was time to hear Lara speak about branding, and boy, were there gems there!

I wrote down some key points that I am going to promptly apply to my brand. Those include:

Not creating a great brand, but being one.

Great brands make you feel something. 

When people think of my brand, I want them to know automatically that they are going to be uplifted or entertainment in the most positive way possible! I also want to represent that in my daily life.

I felt so full with wisdom and positivity upon leaving that workshop. So eager to use my writing to spread positivity!

“If the first idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”– Albert Einstein.