Happy Monday, readers! I took out my Marley Twists and I’m back to my good ole ‘fro. I LOVED the twists and it was a great protective style but I was starting to miss my hair! I know a lot of people are thinking about getting Marley Twists for the summer so here are my Pros and Cons:



It was a great change-up! I was wearing my afro for 5 months straight and needed a change! I didn’t want to apply heat to my hair just  yet, so I went with a protective style. I initially wanted box braids, but I decided I wanted something super different.

The hair is so cheap! Marley hair is $4.99 a pack– you really can’t beat that! Although I did need NINE packs for my whole head, it’s way cheaper than the $100+ dollars you would spend on extensions.

It gave my hair a break: I’m either doing a twist-out or a wash-and-go on my hair (which I want to change up soon and try some different natural styles!) and all that tugging and twisting for so many months at a time is just not good for your hair. I wanted to keep my fingers out of it for a few weeks!

Simple Styling! I drag SO much in the morning, and rarely feel like doing a wash-and-go. With this style all I had to do was pin my hair back or set my bun the night before.


Cons! Although I loved this hairstyle, no hairstyle is perfect!

This hair was HEAVY! I didn’t realize it first because when I had Senagalese Twists they were way heavier, but this hair was heavy and kind of harsh on my edges. Especially sent I got my hair so long and the twists were very thick. I was also limited to certain hairstyles because the twists were either too long or too thick to do them.

Frizzy Hair: I noticed some of my hair was starting to frizz up in the twists. This could have been my fault because there were a lot of nights where I didn’t sleep with a bonnet (although I do sleep on a satin pillowcase every night), but I was worried there would be breakage with my real hair.

Longevity? I’m not sure if Marley Twists were meant to last as long as Senagalese Twists are.. I think I kept those in for a few months last summer. These twists are softer; I read somewhere that they needed to be taken out within four weeks to avoid locking with your real hair. I don’t know if this counts as a con because I never wear protective styles for long anyway!

I missed my hair 🙂 When I have my hair out for a long time I get tired of it, but when I get a protective style I’m almost immediately ready to take it out! Does anyone else have this problem?


Would I recommend this style to someone? YES! Check out the videos I recorded on Marley Twists below:


What protective style are you rocking this summer, if any? Let me know in the comments!