On Saturday I was blessed with two amazing opportunities: I was given the title of Woman of the Quarter by a non-profit in my area called Peek-A-Boo Pretty Girl. I was so excited that I was even given that opportunity! The organization has such a great mission to empower young women and I was super honored that they saw me fit to be a special guest of honor.


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I also got the chance to see my best friend perform an original spoken word piece at a local event called Souls and Substance. This is a place where young performing artist can come and perform their original works in front a bunch of twenty somethings (wayyy better than the club on a Saturday night, am I right?)  Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I am NOT a huge fan of spoken word. My best friend’s spoken word pieces are the only ones that I enjoy lol. But she did great, as usual.


Of course, Rob and I vlogged the whole night for a new episode of ModernDayColemans. I was appreciate Rob so much for doing all of this stuff with me last weekend and being a great supporter 🙂


You can see our vlog below. It also includes the given that was given for me, my best friend’s performance and a snippet of Brie Nurse’s Love is You cover. Enjoy!