Who’s going back to college this week, or soon? It’s been a year and some months since I’ve graduated! I remember moving in to Claflin University in 2009 and being so excited and nervous. I also remember having to run to the store because I forgot a few minor things that you don’t really think about. Sure, you remember to bring a TV, microwave and refrigerator (which is easy to split the cost for when you have a roommate) but what about that other random stuff that you need but don’t think about? Incoming freshman, this is for you!

10. A mattress cover: Let’s be honest, college dorm room mattresses aren’t the softest. I suggest investing in a really good mattress cover. You’ll use it all year at least and it will provide extra comfort when you sleep!

9. Desk Lamp: This is especially important if you have a roommate. Your roommate may go to sleep earlier than you when you’re still trying to read or study. Having a lamp on your desk or buy your bed helps to not disturb your roommate with that bright overhead light, and it’s easier to reach over and turn off when YOU’RE about to go to sleep!

8. Kleenex: Dorm rooms are drafty sometimes and catching a cold is sometimes inevitable. I suggest a box of Kleenex, particularly these cute chevron ones, for your desk. You can find these at Wal-Mart. They’re cute enough to become room decor on top of being super practical!

7. Shower Caddy: Whether you have your own bathroom or you share one with the girls on your hall, a shower caddy is essential for a dorm room. This is where you’ll put your washcloths, body wash, razors, shampoo, etc without having to lug all of that in your hands on the way to the restroom. This is also  helpful way to keep track of your own items if you and your roommate use a lot of similar looking products.

6. Desk Chair: A lot of dorm rooms already have a desk and a desk chair, but they aren’t the most comfortable. Invest in a cute chair to study in (because studying in bed is almost always a fail) or for when friends come over. I have this weird thing about people sitting on my bed with jeans on (don’t ask) so it was always essential to have more than one chair in my room!

5. A Go-To Sweatshirt: Dorm rooms are drafty. Dorm Rooms are cold. A go-to sweatshirt to walk around and lounge in is a great idea. This same shirt can be used for studying in the library, grabbing lunch, or throwing on when you’re running late for class. Your bookstore probably has them and although they may be expensive, you’ll get good wear out of it.

4. A rug: A rug may not seem like an “essential” but it really does make your room look less dorm-y and more home-y. It’s also easier to just throw a dirty rug in the washing machine versus cleaning the entire floor if something spills.

3. Trunk: Ironically, I made it all four years of college without ever buying a trunk, but I still suggest this. Use this trunk to store summer clothes in the wintertime and vice versa. It frees up room in your closet so it won’t just look like a disaster.

2. Dry Erase Board: TEST TOMORROW, PAPER DUE THURSDAY, DON’T FORGET YOUR KEY and MEETING TONIGHT AT 7pm are only a few things that Dry Erase Boards come in handy for. It helps to see these things on a big board before you walk out of your room so you won’t forget about them! Which, brings me to my next point:

1. A Planner! EVERY college student needs a planner. There are too many tests, papers, meetings, events, etc. to keep u with to not have one. I had a Victoria’s Secret PINK planner every year I was in college, and bought an Erin Condren once I’ve graduated. Right now, I’m holding out for the new Emily Ley Simplified Planner. It’s makes it so easy to see everything laid out in front of you. I HIGHLY suggest this.

Are there any dorm essentials that I left out? What’s your number one dorm room essential?


**A special thank you to Kleenex and Wal*Mart for sponsoring this post!