Have you ever packed for a vacation and double, even triple-checked your luggage before you hit the road, only to find out that you forgot to pack the most random (but essential) items? Here are 10 items that I’ve forgotten to pack for a vacay. Hopefully this helps you–take out your pen and travel check list!


1. A good read– You may not think you want to do a lot of reading on vacation, but think about that long car/plane ride, waiting in the airport, or even something to read while you’re laying out on the beach. A good beach-y novel or magazine poolside just spells r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n. Plus, you don’t want to spend the ENTIRE ride or drive draining your iPod battery. Which, brings me to my next point:

2. A Car Charger. There is nothing worse that being stuck on the road with a dead phone or tablet for hours to go until you get to the hotel. That isn’t even safe! Make sure you have your car charger handy!

3. Pads! Okay, let’s face it. SOMETIMES when you’re on vacation that time of the month surprises you. You don’t want to be caught off guard! The best pads I would recommend for this situation are U by Kotex 3D Capture Core, because they catch everything and you can still wear your cute outfits for a night on the town and not have to worry about any accidents!

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4. An Extra Swimsuit: You can never pack TOO many swimsuit for a beach vacation. You never know how many times you want to hit the pool or swim in the ocean, and then this leaves room for error: maybe a bottle of perfume bursted all over for bikini top, or you lost the string to your swimsuit bottoms! (uh-oh!)

5. Umbrella– Blah, no one wants it to rain on vacation, BUT you don’t want to be caught on the boardwalk in the middle of it. Pack a small umbrella just in case.

IMG_0205IMG_02056. Headscarf/ Headband: Whether you need a headscarf to preserve your hairstyle over night or a headband to add to your top knot in the morning, these are definite essentials. It’s vacation time, which means you’re probably going to be getting your hair wet anyway, and no one wants to spend hours upon hours on their hair when they’re supposed to be relaxing! Keep a headscarf or headband handy for these very reasons.



7.  Strapless Bra: Maybe it’s just me, but I always forget to pack a strapless bra on vacations, which is especially annoying when you planned to wear a strapless dress or top for a night on the town. Pack EVERY type of bra for a vacation, because you just don’t know what type of shirt you’ll buy and what type of bra it will call for.

8.  Extra SD Card: That moment when you take a lot of pictures and you’re memory gets full. You don’t want to delete ANY of them because you haven’t had a chance to upload them to your laptop yet! Pack an extra SD car so you can avoid having to shell out money for another one.

9.  Cardigan/Sweatshirt: No one thinks about this in the summertime, but summer nights (especially going into fall) can get chilly and hotel rooms can get drafty at night!

10.  A Clutch Purse: Again, maybe it’s just me. I don’t want to lug my purse around all day and night but I’ve forgotten my clutch purse more than once! ugh!

What are some travel essentials that you’ve forgotten on a vacation? Let me know in the comment section!

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