Today is my last day working for WACH Fox.

I’ve been working at the station for about a year, and I’ve learned so much: What I look for in a job, different perspectives of people of different ages, upbringings and overall different views of life. How to deal, et cetera.

I’ve met some great people and truly made some lifelong friends, mentors and spiritual counselors! I’ve created inside jokes and laughs and memories that I will always hold close to me.

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I appeared in my first commercial and my news segment.

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I’ve met a few celebrities and had the chance to meet the wonderful and brave Richard Culliver.

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I’ve also learned how much I dislike working a 9-5, and solidified how much I truly want to write to make people smile.

I’ve felt quickly blessed to land a job right after college. It helped me realize what I need and what I don’t need career-wise. My heart has always been geared toward creative writng/magazine writing. Working for broadcast for a year only solidified that even more.

As much as I loved the people and the experience, I quickly learned that I also need to love what I am doing for 8 hours a day, for 40 hours a week. The people I worked around at WACH truly love their job. I looked at my co-workers everyday, and no matter how tough a day may be their LOVE for their job is what kept them from, well, spazzing, essentially.

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I love to write. I want to take a leap of faith and branch out into the world of Freelance Writing and building my own brand. Is it a crazy idea? Probably. Is it a logical idea? Probably Not. Is it worth it? Hopefully. Am I worried? NOPE. In the words of MLKjr, Faith is taking a leap even when you don’t see the full staircase.

This post is actually very melodramatic seeing as though I’m less than an hour from the station and I can actually visit at any time, but the point here is, if God is telling you to do something, then of course He’s going to have your back in what He’s telling you to do!

WACH FOX team, I’ll miss working with you guys and I hope you learned a thing or three about natural hair from me 🙂