Happy first week of Autumn! Fall is my 2nd favorite season of the year (mostly because my birthday is next month!) I love when it starts to cool down after a hot, hot summer.

In honor of fall starting, I’m sharing five essentials that every girl needs for her fall handbag!


1. A planner: Now, I have two planners: One that stays on my desk and a smaller one that goes around with me in my handbag or clutch. I’m always making to-do lists and need to keep track of blog posts, networking events and dates I’ve made with friends, so this is perfect!

2. U by Kotex Pads: Okay, I’ve raved about these things enough for y’all to know that these are my go-to pads. The wrapping is so colorful and you don’t get that “pamper-y” feel when you wear them.

3. Kleenex: It’s going to get chilly soon and sure enough, you or someone around you will get the sniffles at least once. It’s good to keep these in your handbag so you won’t be caught sneezing without them!

Luckily, U by Kotex are selling these Kleenex’s FREE with certain boxes of pads! (I have a coupon for you too, you’re welcome :D)

4. Mascara: For those cold, rainy days when I don’t feel like being bothered with makeup, mascara is the perfect touch to make my eyes look more awake, and at least make it look like I tried a LITTLE.

5. Baby Lips Lip Balm: No one likes chapped lips! My lips tend to get drier in the cool air. I love Baby Lips because it’s like a lipgloss and lip balm in one- moisturizing your lips while adding some color.

handbag three1

So tell me ladies, what’s in YOUR handbag this fall?




*Special thanks for Wal*Mart and Kotex for sponsoring this post!