On Saturday morning my cousin called me and said that my Uncle had to tickets to Funkfest, a music festival in Charlotte that lasts pretty much the whole weekend. It was Saturday, so we already missed OutKast’s performance the night before (bummer) but we still had a chance to see a lot of great performers, including Ice Cube and The Roots.

When we got there, we didn’t realize how close our seats actually WERE to the stage. There were cocktail waitresses outside taking food and drink orders and, to my pleasant surprise, we were seated at a table in the VIP section.

vip seating

It was HOT..HOT ..HOT when we first arrived. But, we instantly started having fun as we danced to the tunes of 85South/69 Boyz (the guys who sing ‘Tootsie Rolll’), and 112.

WAR was up next to perform and although they were a good band, I didn’t know ANY of their songs. There was a cameo of Burnadette Stanis or Thelma from Good Times, as she was raising money for her non-profit for Alzheimer’s disease ‘Remembering the Good Times.’

I was super excited to see The Roots and Ice Cube, and they were up next. The Roots were SO SO SO SO good live. I’d grown up being familiar with their music and proud of their success on Jimmy Fallon, but they are an AWESOME band. Very lively and SUPER talented. They are probably the only group in the line-up that still performs on the regular basis, and you could tell! They had so much energy and didn’t want to leave the stage. I think I’d go see them in concert by themselves.

the roots


Now, Ice Cube. Everyone was excited to see Ice Cube and LL Cool J (who we unfortunately had to miss! There was a flash flood warning and we had to get back on the road to SC ). Ice Cube did a great job. I’ve always been a fan, musically and of his countless family movies. He definitely got the crowd on their feet and had everyone reminiscing on his hits. Nevermind the pouring down rain (good thing I wore my hair in those puffs!) everyone enjoyed themselves.


funkfest me and devo

On our way to the bathroom, my cousin pointed out Muggsy Bogues, the shortest man to ever play in the NBA (He stands at about 5’3′!) We instantly ran and took a picture with him. So random and cool!


Although we didn’t get to see OutKast, I had a GREAT time at Funkfest. I definitely want my family and friends to go next year and just spend the weekend out there. If you like oldies-but-goodies and music festivals, you should check it out, too!