september goals2

I hope everyone is having a great first work week in September! This is my first work week as a ‘freelancer’! Wow.

I’ve never done a goals post before, but I wanted to put my goals up for everyone to see so that someone could hold me accountable, lol! Here are my goals for this month:

Lose 10 pounds. I know that’s a little overzealous, but I’m aiming high here! I want to be fit for my birthday, which is October 25th.

Do a 3-day juice cleanse.

Buy a newer, better camera.

Increase blog revenue by 50%

Become more CONSISTENT with going to church on Sundays (I have devotional time and watch the online stream when I can’t make it, but nothing compares to actually being there!)

Collab with another blogger.

What are your goals for this month?

Have a great weekend, readers!