I met Elle Varner during my senior year of college during our Homecoming Week. That was the first interview that I’ve ever done an in-person interview. Most of the interviews I’ve done on my blogs have been through the phone or email. But I had the the chance to interview Elle and I jumped to the opportunity!

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So, during my Senior Year at Claflin I was an Editor of our school newspaper, The Panther and a part of the Student Government Assocation as the Corresponding Secretary. SGA was busy securing our act for the Homecoming Concert (which, by the way, was the biggest act to come to Claflin in 5 years, but hey :D). A few names were thrown around and we’ve finally decided on Elle.

On the newspaper side, we were trying to decide who would be assigned what article for Homecoming Week. I had the heads up as being a part of SGA and knew that Elle would be our performer, so I requested that I had the opportunity to interview her WAY in advance.

The time it took to confirm that Elle Varner was performing, and that I was DEFINITELY going to be able to interview her for our school newspaper, left me with little to no time (hours) to learn her album! I was a beginning fan and liked her mixtape, but I didn’t know her album as well as I would have liked for an interview.

Like I said, this was my first in-person interview with a celebrity and I really wanted to feel prepared. I listened to Perfectly Imperfect that entire day..during class, between class, in the shower.. to get a feel of her sound.

After hours of having a cram session with that album, I fell in love!

I was lucky enough to ride in the car to pick her up from the airport, and I was so excited about it. I had my camera, a recorder that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas and the Perfectly Imperfect album ready… to find out after driving 45 minutes to pick her up, her flight was DELAYED and we had to turn around without her! Ughh.

For the rest of the day, I was in tunnel vision: I was going back and forth between rehearsing the questions that I would ask her in my head, and listening to the album, only stopping to eat! I was SO NERVOUS, but excited at the same time.

Fast forward to hours later when the concert was about to start. Even though I didn’t get to have 45 minutes in a car to make sure Elle Varner and I became best friends, One of my friends and I were responsible for greeting her and her dad and showing them to their dressing rooms once they arrived at the school. Once she arrived at the school and stepped out of the car, we were starstruck. She is beautiful and her figure is AMAZING!

Needless to say I enjoyed the concert. She had the whole auditorium captivated with her down to earth personality and strong voice. The concert was super intimate and she made everyone feel like she was singing directly to them, especially with  her song “Not Tonight”, gracious! I only wish I knew the album well enough to sing those songs word for word, the way I do now.

Now for my big moment.. The interview! After Student Government took pictures with Elle, I followed her to the dressing room with my recorder in hand. This was my first in-person interview with a celebrity and I was so nervous! (“Play it cool, girl.”)

The interview was a success. I made her laugh and even got her to sing her Whistle Register note! Elle Varner is super talented and such down to Earth. She’s such a nice, sweet person and I hope she goes even farther. The article was the front page story for the homecoming edition, and I used that same interview for my personal blog. You can find the original article on my very old personal blog, here.

Interviewing Elle was definitely one of my highlights of Senior Year. Although I was so nervous, it was truly a blessing! Elle, if you’re reading this, thank you so much!

Has there ever been a moment when you were super nervous to do something, but you knew you HAD to? Tell me all about it!