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Happy October, readers! The start of October in South Carolina was so beautiful that I had to take a few pictures. I also wanted to take out the time to talk about this AWESOME clothing line called Faithful Chics, founded by Crystal Perkins. Her story and testimony is amazing: After going through a dark time in life and marriage, she felt she said two choices: to Stay Down or Let Go and let God. Thankfully, she chose the latter! She then started this clothing line to share faith and God’s word through apparel (you can read her full story HERE).

Y’all know that here on, I LOVE talking about twenty-somethings doing inspiring things! I think it’s so awesome that through faith and believing, Crystal was able to get through her troubles and start a business.  This is only one of the tees in her collection and I think this one is my favorite. I love this quote! (and the color red!) Walking by faith is something I am definitely doing in this freelance writing journey of mine! It’s just so inspiring to know that no matter what, God has your back. I also want to get the Philippians 4:13 tee because that is one of my favorite scriptures. All of her items feature quotes about Jesus and faith. Someone having a bad day can literally look at your shirt and get inspired!

It was warm with a little breeze yesterday so I decided to pair the shirt with a flannel top and I loved how it looked together. I’m definitely going to be rocking this shirt with a red lip! Check out all of the clothing items Faithful Chics has to offer HERE and tell me what’s your favorite item?



*This shirt was given to me by Faithful Chics, LLC for my consideration. As usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own.. and I seriously LOVE this shirt!