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Happy October, y’all! I’ve said it so many times before but I LOVE the month of October. I might be partial because it’s my birthday month, but I also love the smell of pumpkin and FAIR FOOD! Let’s see how far I’ve come with the September goals and what my goals for this month are!

 Lose 10 pounds– This has half a strikethrough because I lost like 3 or 4 pounds, haha! I’m pretty good with exercising, but dieting is harder than I thought, you really have to be intentional about it! My clothes are fitting different in a good way, so I don’t understand how I ONLY lost 3 pounds. Curse you, scale…

Do a 3-day juice cleanse– I really want to do one but I have NO idea where to begin. I was thinking bout either the Blueprint Cleanse or the Suja Juice Cleanse. Has anyone ever tried either??

Buy a newer, better camera.

Increase blog revenue by 50%

Become more CONSISTENT with going to church on Sundays

Collab with another blogger. Another half-strikethrough! I’ve definitely been doing more community building this month, and I’m collaborating with 6 talented women for the Choosing Joy Giveaway, but I really want to actually do a joint post with another blogger. Any takers? 🙂

Okay, now on to the October goals!

Lose five pounds (I’m still trying, y’all! But, fair food! :/)

Get a part-time job: I told myself if I was going to really pursue blogging/freelancing wholeheartedly that I would need to get a part-time job. I’m already an introvert, and spending so much time by myself, looking at a computer isn’t good. I need social interaction!

Do a 3-day Juice cleanse:

Get published in a physical, print magazine.

Brainstorm on a good gift for Rob’s Birthday. My bf’s birthday is 8 days after mine!

Change my hairstyle 🙂 I LOVE changing my hair in the cooler months and this year is no different!

What are your goals for this month? Let me know in the comments!


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