5 rude things


One day last week I was thinking of some of the rude things that people said (and still say) to me on a daily basis. Most of the time, the comments aren’t meant to be offensive, but they still leave me giving the commenter a side-eye. I thought it would be fun to poke some fun at the rude things people say, and I am SUPER interested in hearing yours, so please share below!

1. You look so much better with your hair straightened! You should wear it that way all the time! I love wearing my hair straightened from time to time, but telling me that I look better that way is rude, because my hair is not naturally straight! It’s one thing to say someone looks better with short hair, or long hair, or bangs, but don’t tell me I look better when I alter my hair texture!

2. You look tired/sick. Are you tired/sick? I have naturally dark circles under my eyes, and when I decide to skip the concealer for a day, people ask me if I’m tired or sick. One time, I literally blank stared someone when they told me “I looked tired”. I came to work feeling so refreshed! lol. I know people mean well, and they are probably saying this out of concern. But sometimes, this is offensive, especially if I feel super rested and healthy!

3. You don’t act/look/sound black. I used to get this all the time in middle school. Some of my friends of different races said told me this as a compliment, while my black friends said it to be condescending. Either way, it’s pretty darn offensive!

4. You’re so dingy! Another thing I used to get in middle school (and still do every now and then!) I’m a naturally goofy person, and I’m pretty sure this what people mean when they say this, but dingy means “empty headed and silly!”. 

5. You only [insert accomplishment here] because you’re light skinned! I’ve written countless amounts of articles and blog posts about this one, so I won’t say much. I HATE when I work hard for something and someone assumes that I was only received it because I have light skin. 

Honorable Mention: You’re getting THICK!  I wasn’t going to include this because sometimes when someone is telling you you’re getting thick, it’s a compliment, basically saying you’re curvy: you have wide hips and a big butt (and who doesn’t want the same shape as Beyonce’?). It’s ALL about the connotation. If someone says it in a snoody way, they may really mean “You’re getting fat.” I don’t usually care when people say this because I love my figure for the most part, but if I’ve expressed that I’d want to lose a few pounds, then it can get a little annoying (especially if it’s a backhanded compliment.)
This is all in good fun! This blog is geared towards positivity and I’m poking fun at the odd things people say to me. Now, I’d LOVE to hear yours! Sound off in the comments!