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I work from home a lot, and usually that means getting up, getting mentally/spiritually ready for the day, pouring a cup of coffee and getting straight on the computer. Sounds good enough, but there’s one important thing missing from this equation.. breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and most of the time, I honestly forget to eat it. I’m not usually in the mainframe to cook breakfast in the morning and would probably be more inclined to eat it if it was something tasty, but quick. Well, I found that perfect thing!

Liberte Yogurt is SO good, you guys. You can get it at any Publix Grocery store and it’s only a $1 a cup. My two favorites are the Liberte Caramel and the Liberte Mediterranee appuccino flavors. I love mixing in the regular ingredients like granola and fruit, but one random thing I really like to mix in my yogurt is…. honey! Especially with a cappuccino flavored yogurt, it really makes it tastes just like coffee!

I know some of y’all would love a grab and go breakfast just like this, so I’m giving a way $15 on Paypal to buy this coffee for yourself! The Publix I went to was selling this yogurt 10 for $10, so this is really a steal!

In the meantime, I’m also giving away some coupons  for this yogurt as well. Make sure you grab a couple and tell your friends!

Don’t forget to enter below and tell me what’s your favorite quick and easy breakfast treat!


Liberte Yogurt Giveaway

*Thank you so much to Liberte Yogurt for sponsoring this post. As usual, all opinions are my own!

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