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Hello, strangers!

It’s been ages since I’ve posted in this blog, but like I’ve said in a few previous posts, I have some writing projects that have been taking up a lot of my time and I haven’t had time to post anything on here. Hopefully, I can update you guys really soon, maybe in the next month or so.

My blog was calling my name and I wanted to tell you guys about the Ariana Grande concert I went to a few weeks ago. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I LOVE Ariana Grande. I just adore her voice, it’s strong and confident. She’s definitely my favorite pop artist right now.

She brought her Honeymoon Tour to Charlotte, NC and we took a day trip, on a Tuesday, to see her perform. I was worried about seating but we ended up being closer than I thought we would be.


I’m glad to report that her voice did not disappointed. She sounded exactly like the record, hitting all the notes and even adding a few extra rifts and runs here and there. I’ve always said that some of Ariana’s singles don’t really showcase how strong her voice is, but she really gave it her all in each performance. We decided to join in on the ‘Arianator’ fun by buying some of Ariana’s signature cat ears.

honeymoon three

Her tour was definitely centered around vintage Hollywood Glamour. She had more than a few scenes were she was primping in front of a vanity.

honeymoon two

My favorite performances of the night were Bang Bang, Tattooed Heart and My Everything. I really hope she puts this concert on the DVD, because I loved all of the in-between videos and sketches.

on Vimeo

If she’s coming to your city and your even a little bit interested in her music, you should check it out. Live entertainment is my favorite pastime, whether it’s a concert or a festival. It’s something about seeing your favorite artist bringing your favorite song to life! Have you been to any concerts lately, or are you anticipating an upcoming one? Let me know in the comments!



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