I’m India!  A 22-year-old in the heart of South Carolina.

I love God, Jesus, my family, boyfriend, food, old Martin episodes, 90s R&B, and of course, writing and vlogging.

I was featured in Seventeen Magazine for a natural hair photoshootin Dec. 2012 for the Apr. 2013 issue and traveled 14 hours on a BUS to do it.


I landed a job working in a local news station RIGHT after graduation, but recently quit to pursue blogging and writing full-time. Wow! I know, right?

My ideal job is working for myself, writing and inspiring others. I want to write books, articles, blog posts, EVERYTHING! All while making people happy.

The ‘Redd’ brand started in high school for me. I was obsessive over bright red lipgloss, and more recently, lipstick. Red is my favorite color (signifies passion, romance, love) and it just kind of stuck.

I vlog with my boyfriend here, and you will probably see him guest blog on here from time to time. We’ve been dating for five years, and we just want other people to realize that you can have a strong, developing, monogamous relationship while being a twentysomething.

I think that pretty much covers everything for now. I hope you enjoy this blog 🙂 It’s one of the most authentic projects I’ve done to date!



Mission Statement: TheReddBlogger.com is a blog devoted to inspiring and entertaining others in a positive way. In this blog, you will find diversity–assuring the reader that they don’t have to conform to anyone’s views or ideas of/for them. In this blog, you will find miracles– further assuring others that with God, all things are possible. In this blog, you will find funny and/or lighthearted posts– further assuring others that you can Love God and be a believer and still have fun! In this blog, you will find stories on working relationships, young and old– further assuring others that a monogamous relationship is a great thing. In this blog, you will find positivity, no matter what the issue– the writing will be focus on being a light, solely focusing on the positive, and not catering to the negative.