Bonnie Bakhtiari is the beauty behind b is for bonnie design and shop. Bonnie works with other entrepreneurs like herself to help them build their brand and define the core of their business. She also creates BEAUTIFUL prints!

I found Bonnie through Instagram and was instantly drawn to how bright and inviting her pictures were. Her blog posts are always positive and God-filled. I had the pleasure of talking to Bonnie about pursing entrepreneurship, balancing work/home life, and more!




What did you want to do before starting BisforBonnie Design?

Before I took b is for bonnie design full-time, I planned on pursuing a career in non-profit communications, actually! I’ve always had a heart for non-profit work and I wanted to use my love of the written word, social media management and PR to help others. I started b is for bonnie design during my final college semester and took it full-time after my wedding that summer. Once I got a taste of working one-on-one with my branding clients, I knew that I’d found a position that gave me a chance to help creative business owners build strong brands AND feed my passion for design. Totally a win-win situation. 🙂


Was the transition from journalism to BisforBonnie an easy one for you? 

Of course, switching from one career field to another always comes with a few adjustments, but I’d have to say that the transition was fairly smooth. My journalism experience not only prepared me for crafting strong, succinct copy for my website and brand messaging, but it also gave me a solid appreciation of working on deadline. I like to think that learning how to design and layout broadsheets during my freshman year really laid the foundation for my current love of graphic design!


What, in your opinion, is the best thing about being an entrepreneur? 

Oh, that’s a tough one! I love the flexibility that comes with being able to set your own schedule. My husband is in the Air Force and since we move about every two years, it really comes in handy having the ability to set my own hours or take my business with me whenever we move. But I’d have to say the absolute best thing about being an entrepreneur is the endless opportunities it provides. Whenever a big new idea strikes, you have the freedom to incorporate it into your business should you see fit. A healthy business is always growing and constantly refining itself, which gives you plenty of opportunities to implement new ideas or revise tried and true practices. The sky truly is the limit!

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Today is my last day working for WACH Fox.

I’ve been working at the station for about a year, and I’ve learned so much: What I look for in a job, different perspectives of people of different ages, upbringings and overall different views of life. How to deal, et cetera.

I’ve met some great people and truly made some lifelong friends, mentors and spiritual counselors! I’ve created inside jokes and laughs and memories that I will always hold close to me.

photo 5.PNG-4

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photo 1.PNG-3

photo 2-12



photo 4.PNG-3

I appeared in my first commercial and my news segment.

photo 5.PNG-5

I’ve met a few celebrities and had the chance to meet the wonderful and brave Richard Culliver.

photo 2.PNG-2

photo 2.PNG-3

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I’ve also learned how much I dislike working a 9-5, and solidified how much I truly want to write to make people smile.

I’ve felt quickly blessed to land a job right after college. It helped me realize what I need and what I don’t need career-wise. My heart has always been geared toward creative writng/magazine writing. Working for broadcast for a year only solidified that even more.

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Getting comfortable and watching the latest videos from my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube is one of my favorite pastimes. I like to grab a snack and watch vlogs and videos about natural hair, makeup, and clothes. Usually, the gurus I watch have the same or similar hair, makeup or style as me so I can maybe apply them to myself.

missglamorazzi2So, why do I watch Missglamorazzi?
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