If you’ve been following my blog for more than a year, than you might remember that I  was in the very first Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina Pageant. I was so nervous about it and I almost talked myself out of doing it a few times because I was so intimidated and it was out of my comfort zone. I don’t consider myself to be extroverted or the ‘pageant’ girl, but I decided to do the pageant anyway to try something new. Through it all, I conquered a fear of mine, made lifelong bonds with the girls and the helpers and received the title of 2nd runner up! It was an amazing experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls to do it with.

Fast Forward to this year’s pageant. I was so excited to see the girls, how much the pageant has grown and to experience the pageant from the other side. I went with my best friend and we got to say a few encouraging words to the girls before the show started. I sat with the other contestants who did the pageant with me last year as we all watched the girls do their thing on stage!


Pageants are nerve-wrecking. Every time a girl walked up the mic I hoped that she wouldn’t trip over her dress or stumble over a question. Luckily, neither happened and everyone did wonderfully. This year, the pageant had a different twist as each contestant had to pitch a business proposal and open up the floor for questions by the judges. Talk about intimidating!


The evening gown portion was beautiful and really helped me see the girls personality and overall feel they were going for for the pageant. With Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina, your hairstyle during the evening wear counts A LOT towards your score.


I couldn’t help but get emotional as Chanelle did her final walk. There couldn’t have been a more perfect person to be the first EVER Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina, and I sincerely mean that! Chanelle is gorgeous, confident, humble and really put a lot into her reign this past year.


Although it was anybody’s game, I had a goodfeeling about who the girls who would place, I just didn’t know which order they would and who would actually win!


Congratulations to the NEW Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina Tra’Shon Howard, 1st runner up Alexis Gilmore, and 2nd runner up Brittany Jackson, you all did amazingly!

Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina 2014 and 2015 contestants!

Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina 2014 and 2015 contestants!

I never would have thought going natural in 2012 would open up so many opportunities and friendships, but I’m so glad it did.



(All photos are courtesy of Raw Demand Productions, photographed by Maurice Johnson!)


This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of going to #PoseNPost Symposium, an intimate event hosted by singer Chrisette Michele and a few beauty bloggers and entrepreneurs, such as Brosia Malbrough, Lover4_Fashion, and Courtney Adeleye of The Mane Choice. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to attend this event at first because of the price point, but luckily I was contacted about covering the event for the blog, and I couldn’t say no!



First of all, let me say that the overall ambience of this event was excellent. It was a chill vibe filled with young women ready to learn about using social media to build their brand, network with their peers and just meet some new friends. I’ve been to more than a few networking events where the air felt forced or competitive, but at this one I could honestly say that I held a genuine conversation with everyone that I talked to. Every person I smiled at smiled back (this doesn’t always happen) and everyone went out of their way to be friendly, exchange business cards, or just compliment one another!



Chrisette started the event by singing a few songs (her voice is excellent by the way) and had everyone play an icebreaker where we met up with someone we didn’t know, took an “US-ie” and posted it on instagram after creating our very own hashtag.



Chrisette then opened up the floor for questions, and everyone had the chance to have their questions answered about everything from building your personal brand, to finding your personal asthetic for your social media handles (my question!), to figuring out when to make the leap into full-time enterpreneurship. It was great to hear all of the ladies horror stories and accomplishments, to know that they went through struggles to get to wear they are today.



At the end of the event, we could all take a picture with Chrisette Michele, and my boyfriend caught this candid moment of me being goofy (of course) as Chrisette complimented me on my pants. Rob took all of the photos by the way.. I told him he might have a hidden talent on his hands : )


It was blessing to have the media pass, because I am SO glad that I got to attend this event. I will definitely attend in the future, whether or not I have one. If she’s on her way to your city, I suggest that you grab a ticket fast!!


Sally Social Media Flyer-IndiaHill

Hi, readers! I’m super excited to announce that I will be hosting a beauty event this Saturday! Per the referral of a friend (Hey, Jessica!!) I was invited to host an invited sponsored by African Pride and Beautiful Textures all about loving your hair! If you’re in the Columbia, SC area, I would absolutely LOVE for you to come! We’ll take tons of selfies and I’ll have free hair products to give to everyone. Guests will even have a shot of winning tickets to the BET awards!

To RSVP to this FREE event, just visit beautifultextures.com. I’ve never hosted an event before so I’m pretty excited about this one. I hope to see you there! 🙂


the ultimate co wash guide pic


If you have natural, afro-like hair texture like me, super curly hair or are familiar with the ‘Curly Girl Method’, then you have probably heard the term Co-Washing. There are a lot of questions concerning the term: What is it? Should I do it for MY hair type? What type should I try? I answer all of this and more with my Ultimate Co-Wash Guide, plus a full review of the Bel Nouvo CoCo Castor CoWash AND a video of my co-wash routine!

What is Co-Washing?

Co-washing is washing your hair with a conditioner instead of a shampoo. This will remove product buildup from your hair and scalp without completely stripping your scalp of it’s natural oils. You can use any conditioner. Now, some companies have separate conditioners made specifically for co-washing!

Why should I Co-Wash?

Co-Washing doesn’t strip your hair of it’s natural oils. Some shampoos can remove not only the dirt, but all of the natural oils from your hair and scalp, leaving your hair super dry. Dryness begets breakage!

Who should Co-Wash?

Everyone should try it! Curly girls, afro girls and girls with dryer hair especially. You may not have to do it as much if your hair is considered oily or if you have straighter hair. The oils in your hair are already being transferred to the ends of your hair at a regular rate, so you won’t have to worry about breakage as much. For afro/curly girls, the natural oils from the scalp aren’t always reaching to the ends of the hair, creating dry, brittle ends. Washing your hair with a stripping shampoo frequently only adds more dryness to the equation!

How Often?

Think about how often you shampoo your hair and try to replace some of those washes with co-washes. I try to co-wash my hair once a week, only shampooing when my hair is really dirty.

What about shampoo?

I still use shampoo for when I need to get my hair completely clean, and I will also follow up with a deep treatment to restore moisture in my hair. If you still don’t feel comfortable using shampoo, an apple cider vinegar cleanse is an alternative.

How should I Co-Wash?

I have an entire video showing how I co-wash below!

What are the best co-washes or conditioners?

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Happy Monday, readers! I took out my Marley Twists and I’m back to my good ole ‘fro. I LOVED the twists and it was a great protective style but I was starting to miss my hair! I know a lot of people are thinking about getting Marley Twists for the summer so here are my Pros and Cons:



It was a great change-up! I was wearing my afro for 5 months straight and needed a change! I didn’t want to apply heat to my hair just  yet, so I went with a protective style. I initially wanted box braids, but I decided I wanted something super different.

The hair is so cheap! Marley hair is $4.99 a pack– you really can’t beat that! Although I did need NINE packs for my whole head, it’s way cheaper than the $100+ dollars you would spend on extensions.

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curlfriends and conversations

Hello readers (and viewers)! Do you remember when I went to the Curlfriends and Conversations Natural Hair meet up in Augusta, GA with the Naturally Crowned Court? Well, I just put up a video on my NEW channel talking about all of the products I got at the meet up! Check it out and let me know what you think.

This is the 2nd video I’ve made since I’ve revamped my channel a little bit. I bought TONS of goodies at the natural hair meet up and I’ve already used some of them, so let me know if you’d like to see a review!

Happy Monday readers! 🙂 This weekend I had an AMAZING time with my Naturally Crowned Carolina sisters. At 5am we all headed to Augusta, GA for a natural hair meet up called Curlfriends and Conversations. It was MY first time going to a natural hair meet-up, so I was super excited!


The girls and I were used as hair models to demonstrate different styles to to do with natural hair. My style was the Wash-And-Go which I was SO nervous about because I only ever used gel to achieve a Wash-N-Go and they rarely come out the way I want them to. I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s demonstration!


Urbanbella products were used on my hair and I LOVED them. The women were so inspiring and I hope by this inspire someone to rock their natural hair texture this summer! Thanks so much for the ladies at DyeVerCity Hair Salon for styling us.

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There is no right or wrong way to have natural hair. Natural hair, to me, means hair that isn’t chemically straightened. That’s it. Of course, there are some natural hair “don’ts”, out there, and I’m pretty sure I’ve broken every one of them. For Example:

I colored my hair: Twice, using Shea Moisture’s Natural Hair Color System, so it made it a little more okay in my head. I first colored it Bright Auburn (The DAY before I had my 2nd job interview, so I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a good idea) and then Jet Black when I got tired of it. Chemicals, yes, but It didn’t PERMANENTLY STRAIGHTEN my hair so it was fine to me. That system was great by the way, it left my hair super moisturized and didn’t alter my curl pattern at all.

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Big, fluffy, twist out tutorial!



Ok, so I think this is the first tutorial video I’ve ever made so work with me! This is the exact same method I used to achieve the curls I had in the Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina pageant! This is when I want to achieve a BIG, fluffy afro as opposed to a more defined, smaller one.

It’s springtime so why not wear your hair as big as possible!

When I want to achieve a smaller twist-out that gets bigger throughout the week, like this one, I usually start on soaking wet hair. This twist-out was done on dry hair.

Let me know what you think about the tutorial!