If you’ve been following my blog for more than a year, than you might remember that I  was in the very first Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina Pageant. I was so nervous about it and I almost talked myself out of doing it a few times because I was so intimidated and it was out of my comfort zone. I don’t consider myself to be extroverted or the ‘pageant’ girl, but I decided to do the pageant anyway to try something new. Through it all, I conquered a fear of mine, made lifelong bonds with the girls and the helpers and received the title of 2nd runner up! It was an amazing experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls to do it with.

Fast Forward to this year’s pageant. I was so excited to see the girls, how much the pageant has grown and to experience the pageant from the other side. I went with my best friend and we got to say a few encouraging words to the girls before the show started. I sat with the other contestants who did the pageant with me last year as we all watched the girls do their thing on stage!


Pageants are nerve-wrecking. Every time a girl walked up the mic I hoped that she wouldn’t trip over her dress or stumble over a question. Luckily, neither happened and everyone did wonderfully. This year, the pageant had a different twist as each contestant had to pitch a business proposal and open up the floor for questions by the judges. Talk about intimidating!


The evening gown portion was beautiful and really helped me see the girls personality and overall feel they were going for for the pageant. With Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina, your hairstyle during the evening wear counts A LOT towards your score.


I couldn’t help but get emotional as Chanelle did her final walk. There couldn’t have been a more perfect person to be the first EVER Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina, and I sincerely mean that! Chanelle is gorgeous, confident, humble and really put a lot into her reign this past year.


Although it was anybody’s game, I had a goodfeeling about who the girls who would place, I just didn’t know which order they would and who would actually win!


Congratulations to the NEW Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina Tra’Shon Howard, 1st runner up Alexis Gilmore, and 2nd runner up Brittany Jackson, you all did amazingly!

Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina 2014 and 2015 contestants!

Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina 2014 and 2015 contestants!

I never would have thought going natural in 2012 would open up so many opportunities and friendships, but I’m so glad it did.



(All photos are courtesy of Raw Demand Productions, photographed by Maurice Johnson!)

OMG! The FIRST Naturally Crowned Carolina Pageant EVER happened last night, and I was apart of it. And I got 2ND RUNNER UP! Yay!



I’m so blessed and thankful to have been apart of this pageant. A special thanks to my bestie KaShawn Archer, for suggesting that I do this pageant in the first place! It was something that I definitely counted myself out of  at first but I stepped out of my comfort zone and went with it (stepping out of my comfort zone seems to be my mantra for 2014, yes?).

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So, the pageant is in two days. I CANNOT believe it, and I STILL can’t believe I’m doing this haha. I am excited and nervous at the same time!

The Naturally Crowned Carolina pageant is NOW SOLD OUT! If you still wanted to support me in the pageant from home, work, or even if you’re in the audience, here’s how:

DOWNLOAD the Myavana Hair App on your iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook, iPod.. basically any iOS device you have.


Two hours before the pageant, you’ll have the chance to VOTE for your favorite contestant (ME! Right?) inside the app, and on Instagram using the hashtag #FollowTheCrowned!

DO IT DO IT DO IT! and Let me know when you do.

I’m so excited and I probably won’t blog again until the pageant is over, so feel feee to wish me luck in the comments! 😀

I KNOW I haven’t done a pageant update in so long!!! Can you believe that my pageant is NEXT WEEKEND?! Yikes!! I’m excited and nervous at the same time.


Here’s my headshot!! You can see all of our head shots and read about all 10 of us HERE!

My pageant sisters and I have been involved in some pretty cool things, including a makeup workshop, a natural hair workshop, and a brunch with the official sponsors of the pageant. (You can find out more HERE.)

A few weeks ago, the pageant contestants  had a brunch with those sponsoring the pageants. There was Jane from Fig Columbia, creators of the Myavana natural hair app, and the founder of the Natural Hair product line, CoCo Curls.

image-3.pngThe brunch was amazing, and shortly after that we had a natural hair workshop with the Founder of Coco Curls.(Can’t wait to review this for you guys. The whole line literally smells like hot chocolate!! ) and I remember her asking if everyone could tell their story on why they decided to go natural.

Everyone told their story and I found out that we’ve all experienced similar emotions about going natural: apprehensiveness, insecurity, and at first, for some, regret. It’s just not easy deciding to wear your natural hair texture in a world where long, straight hair is celebrated.

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I’m so introverted. I am going to do more posts on what it means to be an introvert soon, but I figured this would be a good starting point.

Just to be clear, an introvert does NOT necessarily mean that someone is shy. An introvert is someone who’s energy is drained by being around people for long periods of time. Not to say that the people are annoying or their presence makes them uncomfortable. It simply means that the more you are around a group of people, the more drained you feel. An introvert needs to be alone to feel recharged again. An introvert internalizes everything.

An extrovert is the opposite; an extrovert gets energy and thrives off of being around people. An extrovert externalizes everything.

The world is heavily focused on being extroverted; we love people who are talkative, outgoing, outspoken and irrevocably charming. If you aren’t these things you are deemed shy and forgettable, or sometimes even mean.

I love extroverts! I love to be around them and most of my friends are extroverted. But as hard as I’ve tried to be in the past, I’ve accepted that I’m not that.

What does this have to do with the pageant world?

photo (2)

(That’s me in the blue :))

I had my first pageant meeting last weekend! 🙂 I met the girls and they are all SO beautiful. I can tell that each girl is going to bring something beautifully unique to the table. A array of different skin complexions, different vibes, different hair textures.. I loved it. I’m super excited about this pageant.

Some of the girls were shy and some of the girls were more confident in speaking in front the group, which was all okay.

When we were introducing ourselves, we were asked to give our name and a little bit about ourselves. I’m a writer, so I had to this cute little paragraph in my head that would have been so creative and charming– on paper. When I opened my mouth to speak, it was okay BUT it was not at all what I pictured in my head.

I even forget to mention that “I love to write.”

But it’s okay. It was only the first day.

I almost got discouraged. I’ve never really been TO into pageants because they seem so extroverted to me, based on how you look, how you sound, and in some pageants you need an extroverted talent: singing, dancing, acting– not really painting, writing, or knitting.

BUT this pageant is different in so many aspects. I’ve excepted the fact that I’m an introvert BUT at the same time I’m not going to put myself in an Introvert Box. I’m not going to count myself out because of some characteristic.

Our Public Speaking coach said something that stuck with me this weekend: “Once you find your comfort zone, get out of it.”


OH, and I’m selling ads for the pageant! If you are interested in purchasing one PLEASE feel free to contact me 🙂

Check out my first post about the pageant HERE!

My favorite Celebrity Blogger Necole Bitchie also wrote about being an introvert.

photo(1)Hello Readers! I’m coming to y’all today with a special announcement! *drumroll please*

I am doing a pageant! Even better, a Natural Hair pageant!

The ladies over at QuenchSC, a new natural hair boutique opening up soon in the Southeast, are hosting a pageant called Naturally Crowned Carolina.  My best friend bought the pageant to my attention (check out her blog, too!) and I read over the guidelines and everything , liked what I saw and sent in my application. And here I am!

I was skeptical about blogging about it at first, but I figured this would be a something cool to document through blogging (and even vlogging- don’t be surprised if a video gets added to this post!) and to hold myself accountable as far as toning up for the pageant. Yes, I still want to get abs!

I’ve done a couple of pageants before, one in high school and one in college. I’m super excited about this one because with it being NATURALLY crowned Carolina, it kind of sets a new standard for pageants. I love when natural hair is celebrated! I can’t wait to see all of the ladies rocking their fro’s so beautifully. Fros + Pageant gowns? Yes, please!

If you want to help out, I am selling ads for the pageant. So whether you have a business you want to promote, or maybe you just want to tell me congratulations 🙂 contact me and I’ll get you that info immediately!

I’ll keep y’all posted with everything as best as I can. Check out the other pageant contestants HERE.

Fun fact about my headshot: I hate it! lol. That’s my headshot from work; the night before I tried a new method with my flat twist-out. It didn’t dry in time so it didn’t lay right the next morning! But, nonetheless, I’m still super excited about this natural hair pageant 😀 (and since then I have perfected my flat twist-out! lol)

P.S. I haven’t officially blogged about this yet, BUT I am offering Social Media/Blogging Consulting services over on The ReddLipstick Blog (remember her?) My rates are unbelievably reasonable. Check em out and let me know what you think!