just friends 2I love a good real life love story and this one is just perfect! My dear friend Brianna Endrina and her fiancee’ John Loudermilk. Brianna and John are both 22-year-old actors that met in L.A. (they both graduated from The New York Film Academy in L.A.), who are engaged to be married in April (already pretty romantic, right?). John portrays the Blue Power Ranger in the show Power Rangers Super Mega Force which airs 10amEST on Saturday mornings. 🙂 Brianna is apart of a sketch comedy group called Sketch Time Strangers, who write and perform their own sketches live. She’s also working on a few other projects for 2014 that she can’t disclose yet 🙂 and planning their wedding, of course!

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photo 3

I am challenging myself to be present in the moment.

I do alot of thinking ahead. Like ALOT. I’m always thinking ahead to what I need to do, what I should do for my future-so much so that my thoughts are never in the now.

I didn’t really come to the conclusion until I was pre-Black Friday shopping for a new DSLR camera for blogging and vlogging purposes (Exhibit A: pricing something I wouldn’t have bought later -_-)

This is when the idea came up from my boyfriend to take a spur of the moment beach trip- mind you, I’ve been trying to make my way down to the beach for at least 2 summers, but it was either the beach trip, or the camera.

Usually, I’m the responsible, less spontaneous one that would say I NEED the camera RIGHT now for my blog, and that missing the beach trip would pay off in the long run.


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dana3By: Dana Harrell (@xxCandy_Coated)

I’ve been debating with myself on whether to talk about what I’ve been through but after hearing about the twenty-something movement, I decided to make this post. So let’s start from the start of that night, July 5, 2013.

Holiday weekend.  What better thing to do than throw a party, and throw a party we did! The whole city of Richmond was in that tiny apartment. Things were going great. We were having a great time, our guests were having a great time, shots were everywhere, drinks and bottles filled the kitchen, DJ was awesome, even had a beer pong table. It was great. danaspic2

I remember looking at my phone and seeing that it was 2am. My friend and I looked at each other and agreed that we should shut it down around 2:30, 3:00. I can’t remember why I went in the hallway. I probably got hot and went to cool off. I was out there for a few minutes, talking to people as they went back in. Then I heard this guy yelling at one of my friends. He was cursing at her, being disrespectful…he had to go. Another friend  of ours(a male) got us and everyone else back into the apartment while he would handle the disrespectful guy. Read More »

I wrote this story for three reasons: one, to inspire women with natural hair to continue to wear their fro’s proudly (I wore my natural hair in a national publication and I’m very proud of that!) Two: To let people know that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. We made that trip happen on a rather small budget! Right before Christmas, at that. Three: To let people know that the right attitude is everything. I could have grumbled about  having to ride a bus there and back, but I didn’t. That opportunity was a blessing. I wouldn’t trade that experience. <3

In Dec. 2012 I received the blessing of being asked to be featured in Seventeen Magazine as a ‘Hair Ambassador’ for natural hair. A blessing truly, because I love seventeen magazine and the feature was going to be shot in New York City, so for a South Carolina girl like me, who’s never been to NYC before, it was really exciting. I rode the bus- all the way from South Carolina. A total of 14 hours there and back, I believe. My mom decided that this trip would be the perfect family vacation, and 4 round trip tickets to NYC, in the middle of December were not cheap. So, we all ended up on a bus.

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