Happy Friday, readers!

This week had tons of fall premieres and I’m talking about my favorite ones, all of which are ABC shows!


Black-ish: Black-ish premiered on Wednesday night at 7:30pm on ABC. The show is about an African-American family that lives in a suburban area. The dad is struggling to keep the family in touch with their culture as he goes up the corporate ladder. He has a serious of crazy schemes to keep himself from becoming a “sell-out” at work and to ensure that the children stay “black”, not “blackish”. In short, the show was HILARIOUS. It’s been a long time that I’ve seen a sitcom on network television that I could actually relate to! I advise anyone to watch it, at least the first episode and see how you like it! Plus, it comes on right after my other two favorite sitcoms, The Middle and The Goldbergs.

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Happy first week of Autumn! Fall is my 2nd favorite season of the year (mostly because my birthday is next month!) I love when it starts to cool down after a hot, hot summer.

In honor of fall starting, I’m sharing five essentials that every girl needs for her fall handbag!


1. A planner: Now, I have two planners: One that stays on my desk and a smaller one that goes around with me in my handbag or clutch. I’m always making to-do lists and need to keep track of blog posts, networking events and dates I’ve made with friends, so this is perfect!

2. U by Kotex Pads: Okay, I’ve raved about these things enough for y’all to know that these are my go-to pads. The wrapping is so colorful and you don’t get that “pamper-y” feel when you wear them.

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emily giffin

The One and Only is the first book I’ve ever read by Emily Giffin. ¬†I’ve heard great things about all of her books and everyone kept pegging this one as a great ‘Summer Read’. It’s obviously almost autumn now but I still wanted to check it out.

I’ve actually heard mixed reviews about this book but was immediately drawn in by the southern feel and college football storyline. Being born and raised in South Carolina, I totally understand (and sometimes indulge in) the seriousness of the sport, but anyway).

I opted for this read as something much lighter contrasting The Fault in Our Stars, which I just finished.

I actually REALLY liked this book, even though I didn’t too much care for the main character (Shea); usually that is a deal breaker for me but I enjoyed it.

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On Saturday morning my cousin called me and said that my Uncle had to tickets to Funkfest, a music festival in Charlotte that lasts pretty much the whole weekend. It was Saturday, so we already missed OutKast’s performance the night before (bummer) but we still had a chance to see a lot of great performers, including Ice Cube and The Roots.

When we got there, we didn’t realize how close our seats actually WERE to the stage. There were cocktail waitresses outside taking food and drink orders and, to my pleasant surprise, we were seated at a table in the VIP section.

vip seating

It was HOT..HOT ..HOT when we first arrived. But, we instantly started having fun as we danced to the tunes of 85South/69 Boyz (the guys who sing ‘Tootsie Rolll’), and 112.

WAR was up next to perform and although they were a good band, I didn’t know ANY of their songs. There was a cameo of Burnadette Stanis or Thelma from Good Times, as she was raising money for her non-profit for Alzheimer’s disease ‘Remembering the Good Times.’

I was super excited to see The Roots and Ice Cube, and they were up next. The Roots were SO SO SO SO good live. I’d grown up being familiar with their music and proud of their success on Jimmy Fallon, but they are an AWESOME band. Very lively and SUPER talented. They are probably the only group in the line-up that still performs on the regular basis, and you could tell! They had so much energy and didn’t want to leave the stage. I think I’d go see them in concert by themselves.

the roots


Now, Ice Cube. Everyone was excited to see Ice Cube and LL Cool J (who we unfortunately had to miss! There was a flash flood warning and we had to get back on the road to SC ). Ice Cube did a great job. I’ve always been a fan, musically and of his countless family movies. He definitely got the crowd on their feet and had everyone reminiscing on his hits. Nevermind the pouring down rain (good thing I wore my hair in those puffs!) everyone enjoyed themselves.


funkfest me and devo

On our way to the bathroom, my cousin pointed out Muggsy Bogues, the shortest man to ever play in the NBA (He stands at about 5’3′!) We instantly ran and took a picture with him. So random and cool!


Although we didn’t get to see OutKast, I had a GREAT time at Funkfest. I definitely want my family and friends to go next year and just spend the weekend out there. If you like oldies-but-goodies and music festivals, you should check it out, too!


I can’t remember exactly how I found Lauren Legato’s beauty channel on YouTube, but it was about a year or two ago. I was drawn in by her super positive personality, her helpful beauty tips and her openness to talking about Jesus. Lauren recently opened up to her 50,000 subscribers about how she will not be dating anyone for a year to use that time to work on her relationship with Jesus.

I had the pleasure of talking with this beauty about her new decision, tips for starting or improving a Youtube channel, and so much more!



Where would you like to see your youtube channel in the next year?

I’m hoping that my YouTube viewership continues to grow, of course. I love sharing what I’ve learned about hair and makeup, and also sharing my take on style and fashion. But more than anything, I’m hoping to open up a lot more in the next year. I have been through so many things that I know I could speak about to help someone else.

Are you still singing? If so, when can we expect new material? ūüôā

This is such a great question. YES! I am definitely still singing. All summer I’ve been recording new material. I think by the top of next year you will start to hear more originals by me, but until then there will of course be covers

What made you start your channel?

The first YouTuber I ever watched was Da1NOnlyMixedQt (Tiffany Darlyn). I just thought what she was doing was so cool and I wanted to do the same thing. I loved the idea of having your every day girl sharing tips and beauty advice. But deep down I always wanted to eventually open up and talk from experience about things all girls go through.

What tips do you have for other women who want to get started on YouTube?

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I met Elle Varner during my senior year of college during our Homecoming Week. That was the first interview that I’ve ever done an in-person interview. Most of the interviews I’ve done on my blogs have been through the phone or email. But I had the the chance to interview Elle and I jumped to the opportunity!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

So, during my Senior Year at Claflin I was an Editor of our school newspaper, The Panther and a part of the Student Government Assocation as the Corresponding Secretary. SGA was busy securing our act for the Homecoming Concert (which, by the way, was the biggest act to come to Claflin in 5 years, but hey :D). A few names were thrown around and we’ve finally decided on Elle.

On the newspaper side, we were trying to decide who would be assigned what article for Homecoming Week. I had the heads up as being a part of SGA and knew that Elle would be our performer, so I requested that I had the opportunity to interview her WAY in advance.

The time it took to confirm that Elle Varner was performing, and that I was DEFINITELY going to be able to interview her for our school newspaper, left me with little to no time (hours) to learn her album! I was a beginning fan and liked her mixtape, but I didn’t know her album as well as I would have liked for an interview.

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september goals2

I hope everyone is having a great first work week in September! This is my first work week as a ‘freelancer’! Wow.

I’ve never done a goals post before, but I wanted to put my goals up for everyone to see so that someone could hold me accountable, lol! Here are my goals for this month:

Lose 10 pounds. I know that’s a little overzealous, but I’m aiming high here! I want to be fit for my birthday, which is October 25th.

Do a 3-day juice cleanse.

Buy a newer, better camera.

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It’s no secret that I’m a Beyonce’ fan and have been since I was like, 8-year-old (literally). Beyonce turns 33 today and I thought it would be fun to talk about all of our favorite Beyonce’ quotables.

I love me some Jay Z!

Still play my part and let you take the lead role, believe me.

You need a real woman in your life, taking care of home and still fly.

A Diva is a female version of a Hustla

Don’t you ever for a second get to thinking, you’re irreplaceable!

If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it.

Who needs a degree when you’re Schoolin Life?


I woke up like this.

I know I’m missing a ton, so what are your favorite Beyonce’ quotes?


Bonnie Bakhtiari is the beauty behind b is for bonnie design and shop. Bonnie works with other entrepreneurs like herself to help them build their brand and define the core of their business. She also creates BEAUTIFUL prints!

I found Bonnie through Instagram and was instantly drawn to how bright and inviting her pictures were. Her blog posts are always positive and God-filled. I had the pleasure of talking to Bonnie about pursing entrepreneurship, balancing work/home life, and more!




What did you want to do before starting BisforBonnie Design?

Before I took b is for bonnie design¬†full-time, I¬†planned on pursuing a career in non-profit communications, actually! I’ve always had a heart for non-profit work and I wanted to use my love of the written word, social media management and PR to help others. I started b is for bonnie design during my final college semester and took it full-time after my wedding that summer. Once I got a taste of working one-on-one with my branding clients, I knew that I’d found a position that gave me a chance to help creative business owners build strong brands AND feed my passion for design.¬†Totally a win-win situation. ūüôā


Was the transition from journalism to BisforBonnie an easy one for you? 

Of course, switching from one career field to another always comes with a few adjustments, but I’d have to say that the transition was fairly smooth. My journalism experience not only prepared me for crafting strong,¬†succinct copy for my website and brand messaging, but it also gave me a solid appreciation of working on deadline. I like to think that learning how to design and layout broadsheets during my freshman year¬†really laid the foundation for my current love of graphic design!


What, in your opinion, is the best thing about being an entrepreneur? 

Oh, that’s a tough one! I love the flexibility that comes with being able to set your own schedule. My husband is in the Air Force and since we move about every two years, it really comes in handy having the ability to set my own hours or take my business with me whenever we move. But I’d have to say the absolute best thing about being an entrepreneur is the endless opportunities it provides. Whenever a big new idea¬†strikes, you¬†have the freedom to incorporate it into your business should you see fit. A healthy business is always growing and constantly¬†refining itself, which gives you plenty of¬†opportunities to¬†implement new ideas or revise tried and true practices. The sky truly is the limit!

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Today is my last day working for WACH Fox.

I’ve been working at the station for about a year, and I’ve learned so much: What I look for in a job, different perspectives of people of different ages, upbringings and overall different views of life. How to deal, et cetera.

I’ve met some great people and truly made some lifelong friends, mentors and spiritual counselors! I’ve created inside jokes and laughs and memories that I will always hold close to me.

photo 5.PNG-4

photo 3.PNG-2



photo 1.PNG-3

photo 2-12



photo 4.PNG-3

I appeared in my first commercial and my news segment.

photo 5.PNG-5

I’ve met a few celebrities and had the chance to meet the wonderful and brave Richard Culliver.

photo 2.PNG-2

photo 2.PNG-3

photo 4.PNG-4

I’ve also learned how much I dislike working a 9-5, and solidified how much I truly want to write to make people smile.

I’ve felt quickly blessed to land a job right after college. It helped me realize what I need and what I don’t need career-wise.¬†My heart has always been geared toward creative writng/magazine writing. Working for broadcast for a year only solidified that even more.

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